giovedì 3 novembre 2011

Podcast 31 ottobre


Back 2 the Block - a cura di HG Milano
Tommy Tumble presenta Skream e la scena dubstep a Milano


Between the sheets - Isley Brothers 
Guns are drawn - The Roots
Just like I never loved - H.G.

Where you should be - Skream feat. Sam Frank
Shot yourself in the foot again - Skream & Example
In 4 the kill pon de skream - Major Lazer & Skream


Only God can judge me - Tupac
A rose is still a rose - Aretha Franklin feat. Lauryn Hill
Coolie high - Camp Lo
Lady - D'Angelo
You used to love me - Faith Evans
I Smooth 7 - Coolin In Da Ghetto South Central
Hello - Ice Cube
Drowndeep Hula 1998 . Maxwell
Thicker than Water - Mc Eiht
Take the heat - Method man
Git Up Git Out - Outkast
Believe in God - Tha Soloist
U Know - TruNdeeD

Boat party - Skream
Wibbeler - Skream
Stand up - Skream
Riot music - Skream
How real - Skream

pubblicità a cura di Spènk&S'Abri

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